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Civil Works

Long Harbour Processing Plant Site

Vale Newfoundland and Labrador Limited
Long Harbour, Newfoundland & Labrador
Civil Works, Industrial

Port Site Earthworks and Concrete: Installation and construction of underground utilities for the operation of the port site, earthworks and concrete for infrastructure on site. The project consisted of the supply and installation of various types of piping and utilities, the excavation of overburden and backfill of selected material and construction of a storm water retention pond complete with lift station.

Rattling Brook Big Pond: Installation of underground piping, pump house and foundation, and installation of a raw water intake for the facility. Supply and installation of 40 m of 1,200 mm diameter HDPE flanged intake pipe and 1,350 m of 450 mm HDPE fused force main.

Solvent Building: Supply and install of rebar, reinforced concrete and embedded materials to complete construction of the upper slabs and firewalls from an elevation of six to 28 metres. Over 1,150 tons of reinforcing steel was used.

Neutralization Building: Concrete placement of building and equipment foundations, three other ancillary building foundations and associated equipment foundations.

Residue Storage Area and Dams: Site overburden stripping, pond dewatering, construction of three earth fill dams, an emergency spillway and runoff diversion channel. Over 6,500 m of drilling and injection grouting completed on anchor trenches and all three dams, as well as a bituminous geomembrane liner installed on two dams.