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Northern Work

Wabush Mines Fish Habitat

Wabush Mines
Wabush, Newfoundland & Labrador
Mining, Northern Work

In September 2010, H. J. O’Connell Construction Limited was awarded the contract to construct a fish habitat in the Wabush Mines tailings field. This project involved the construction of a 34 hectare lake in the tailings field adjacent to two existing lakes.  Prior to excavation activities, ditches were constructed to drain the tailings so it could support heavy construction equipment for excavation.  Multiple excavator and truck fleets, including a 120 ton excavator  and 100 ton trucks,  were used to excavate approximately 917,000 m3 of tailings.  The project also involved the supply and placement of 2000 m3 of fish substrate material along specific locations of the new lake.

This project was successfully completed in December 2010, 3 months ahead of schedule and under budget.