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Ro-Ro Facility - Vale Inco Long Harbour Project

Vale Inco
Long Harbour, Newfoundland & Labrador
Mining, Industrial

In February 2010, H.J. O’Connell Construction Ltd. and Newfound Construction Ltd. formed a Joint venture in order to submit a proposal to Vale Inco for the construction of the Ro-Ro Facility. In March 2010, Vale Inco announced that H.J. O’Connell and Newfound Construction Joint Venture had been awarded this project.

This project entailed the construction of a temporary dock facility for the purpose of shipping and receiving equipment, modules and other materials to be used in the construction of the Processing Plant facilities.

The construction of the dock entailed marine dredging, backfilling of 50,000 m3 , the installation of 250 metric tonnes of steel sheet piling to create a 70 meter long dock face and the installation of 20,000 tonnes of slope protection.