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Supply and Install Electrode Sites

Nalcor Energy
L’anse aux Diable and Dowden's Point, Newfoundland and Labrador
Civil Works, Industrial

In March 2015, H.J. O’Connell Construction (HJO) was awarded Nalcor Energy’s contract CD0508 ‘Supply and Install Electrode Sites’.  The work includes the construction of an electrode system comprised of tubular electrode elements placed inside perforated HDPE wells buried in porous rockfill, and cable trench, junction boxes and underground conduit, to connect the electrodes to  future overhead transmission lines, along with the construction of a rubble mound breakwater for protection of the electrode system against ice and sea damage.  The contract includes work at two (2) sites, Dowden’s Point, in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland and Labrador and L’Anse aux Diable, on the south coast of Labrador.

On-site work began in April 2015 with material procurement, survey work, access road upgrade, mobilization of heavy equipment machinery and laydown/office set up.  Work is currently ongoing as the core, filter and armourstone materials are being delivered and placed to construct the breakwater structure to an elevation of 1m+ above high water. In the upcoming months, the electrode wells, trenches and junction boxes will be installed and the final topping of the breakwater will complete the project.

Throughout this project, HJO has carefully planned the work to adhere to the constraints of operating in a residential area.  Careful preparation and communication has insured that the safety of the public is maintained and disruptions to the public are limited while work remains productive.