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ArcelorMittal Overburden Stripping

Mont Wright, Quebec

With the exception of 1992 and 1993 this project has been ongoing since 1989. Surface stripping at Mt. Wright poses a number of serious challenges. The most significant challenge is related to the high water and silt content throughout the stripping material. This, coupled with a very short season in which the saturated surface material can be economically moved, poses as a severe test. O'Connell, through the subsidiary Les Entreprises de Construction de Québec (LECQ), faced these challenges head on. Through the use of innovative methods and equipment modifications, the LECQ team has and continues to meet and exceed the requirements of the owner, ArcelorMittal. The productive equipment fleet at the Mt. Wright stripping project includes up to 20 off-highway trucks in the 50 and 100-ton sizes, matched with excavators in the 8 and 14 cubic yard range. This project makes a particularly strong statement about the O'Connell approach to business. Since the Overburden Stripping project began, the O'Connell and ArcelorMittal teams have worked as true partners. This strategy has resulted in “on time, on budget” performance and has proven the “win-win” theory time after time.