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HESSE 4 Tailings Confinement Dam Project

Mont Wright, Quebec
Mining, Industrial

In 2005, H.J. O`Connell was awarded the contract to raise and lengthen the Hesse 4 Tailings Confinement Dam. This contract was a part of the overall tailings confinement project in Mt. Wright, QC, of which H.J. O`Connell has been involved with since 1981.The project involved the construction of an impervious glacial till core dam and the construction of an emergency spillway. The 350 m long dam required 10,000 m3 of excavation, and 85,000 m3 of fill to construct. Logistics and materials management were critical as the dam required 8 different fill materials during its construction.

Using a fleet of 3 to 6 cubic yard excavators and loaders, with highway and off-highway trucks in the 20 to 70 ton range, the project was constructed on schedule in the 2005 construction season.

In 2010, we will be raising the valve chamber and lengthening the concrete encased pipe conduit that is part of the Hesse 4 Tailings Confinement dam.