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The program includes an extensive Safety Orientation for all new employees and an annual review of the program for all workers. Hazard Assessments are conducted prior to the start of each project and the results reviewed with all workers during a Job Safety Analysis.

Thorough inspections are conducted on a regular basis and identified hazards are immediately corrected. All incidents are investigated to determine the root cause in order to prevent recurrence. Employee training includes various compliance courses conducted both in-house and through external agencies. Toolbox meetings are conducted on a weekly basis and provide for effective two-way communications between the company and its workers on all matters relating to the Environment, Health and Safety.

The Emergency Response Plan is designed to ensure a quick and effective response to minimize the effects of any unforeseen incidents. The Environmental Protection Program reflects Bird Heavy Civil Ltd.'s commitment to environmental responsibility. Through worker participation, the Joint Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Committee plays a strategic role in monitoring the effectiveness of the program.

While District Managers are ultimately responsible for Health and Safety in each district, Bird Heavy Civil Ltd. also employs a Health, Safety and Environmental Manager who administers the program corporately and reports to senior management on a monthly basis. Senior management reviews all aspects of the Environment, Safety and Health - Loss Control Program every month with all statistics analyzed by project to ensure consistent compliance with corporate policies.

In recent years Bird Heavy Civil Ltd. has received significant recognition in various publications for its proactive safety initiatives in the workplace and has accepted several invitations to speak at various venues to share the success of their program with other employers.