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H.J. O'Connell Ltd. has been a leader in the heavy civil engineering construction industry since 1931.

Originally, under the leadership of Montrealer Herbert John O'Connell, the company quickly grew into one of Canada's leading heavy construction firms, establishing Les Entreprises de Construction de Québec Ltée. (L.E.C.Q.) in 1937 and H.J. O'Connell Construction Ltd. in 1970.

On August 31st 2011, H.J. O'Connell was acquired by one of Canada's leading national general constructors: Bird Construction. With this expansion into new scopes of work related to the civil industrial business and Bird Construction's recognized expertise in industrial building construction, this strategic partnership creates opportunities to expand the services offered to both H.J. O'Connell's and Bird Construction's customers.

Our 80 plus year history ranks H.J. O'Connell Ltd. among the oldest of such firms in Canada. Our prosperity is a result of our innovative approach to business and our continued interest in growth and development. Since our establishment, we have grown to be a leader in the various markets in which we provide quality service. Our diversified business includes expertise in Mining, Energy, Roads, and Bridges as well as Municipal, Industrial, Northern and Project Management related work. Our clients have come to know us as an organization that continuously strives to find win-win solutions where projects are completed on time and on budget.

Our ability to identify opportunities, attract and retain the finest talent in the market and continuously serve and exceed our clients’ expectations will ensure our success for years to come.

75th Anniversary 1931-2006 Our Timeline HJOC Presentation
List of Works
1931 – 1950 General civil works for the Province of Quebec, the city of Montreal and various municipalities, QC.
1946 – 1951 Construction of mining road Notre Dame de la Doré to Chibougamau (185 miles), QC.
1950 – 1955 Development of Schefferville and mine for Iron Ore Company of Canada (I.O.C.C.), QC and NL.
1950 – 1957 Sept-Îles, La Tuque, Trois-Rivières and Rouyn Noranda airports, QC.
1951 Construction of the Chibougamau townsite, road to Chapais (40 miles) (OPEMISKA), and radar site at Schefferville, QC.
1952 – 1958 Route 11 (117) sections between Mount Laurier and Dorval, La Verendrye Park, Lac des Loups airport and O’Connell Lodges, QC.
1953 Transmission line from Notre de la Doré to Chibougamau, QC.


Constructed pot lines for Alcan at Île Maligne, QC.
1955 – 1958 Construction of Autoroute 15, QC.
1955 – 1959 Transported entire production of OPEMISKA copper mine to rail head at St-Félicien (200 miles) on 24/7 basis, QC.
1957 – 1959 Road St-Luger de Milot to Chutes des Passes and Chutes Savannes for Alcan, QC.
1958 – 1964 Highway 15, Route 11 (117) St-Jérome, QC.
1960 – 1964 Sept-Îles - Port Cartier - roads, sewers, aqueducts, Q.C.M. hangar services, Iron Ore Dumping Station, QC.
1960 – 1965 Gagnonville - infrastructure, Gagnonville airport, QC.
1963 Radar Site St-Sylvestre, QC.
1964 St-Jean river and Hâvre St-Pierre bridge (1200 feet), QC.
1964 – 1965 Beloeil - St-Hyacinthe Trans-Canada highway, QC.
1964 – 1968 Highway 10 St-Césaire - Gramby 3 sections, QC.
1965 Constructed the 18-hole Candiac Golf Course, QC.
19651966 Bridge on the Assumption River at Assumption, QC.
1965 – 1967 Highway 40, RN-4 Lavaltrie section, Highway 31, Joliette bypass, QC.
1966 – 1980 Churchill Falls hydro-electric project - permanent access roads to the various sites (about 200 miles), Churchill Falls airport, camp sites, C.F.L.C.O. office complex, management houses, apartment buildings, infrastructure and paved streets, NL.
1967 Highway 406 - St. Catherines for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, ON.
1967 – 1968 Roads and bridges (9) Churchill Falls to Lower Churchill, NL.
1968 – 1969 Jonquière - Kenogami bridge, QC.
1968present Stripping “Wabush Mines”, NL.
1968 – present Street Reconstruction and Upgrading, Town of Wabush, NL  Labrdor City, NL and Fermont, QC.
1968 – present Overburden Stripping IOCC, NL.
1971 – 1972 Québec - Labrador border road at Mount Wright and Fermont, QC.
1972 – 1973 Access to the Lower Churchill hydro-electric project, temporary dykes, coffer dams and demobilization of all contractors, NL.
1972 – 1976 Constructed Fermont townsite for Q.C.M, QC.
1976 Management of the construction of 3 sections of the Olympic Stadium on behalf of the Régie des installations olympiques, QC.
1976 – 1987 James Bay hydro-electric project - access roads, campsite, infrastructure,crushing, LG-2, LG-3 and LG-4 maintenance, Caniapiscau, QC.
1976 – 2006 Various works for Q.C.M. - mine tailings containment system (including dykes, dams and retention basins), QC.
1980 Port Cartier prison - site access and preparation, QC.
1981 Caisson Project, Vancouver, BC.
1983 First contractor to begin construction of Trans Labrador Highway, NL.
1983 – 1998 Route 500 – Trans Labrador Highway, NL.
1984 – 1985 Ashuanipi Bridge, NL.
1984 – 1994 Various works for the Chisasibi Cree community: water supply, roads, drainage, excavation, municipal garage, arena and Chisasibi airport. Construction of access roads to Wemindji, QC.
1985 – present Dam Construction – Tailings Confinement Mt. Wright Project
1986 Hâvre St-Pierre airport - repair and improvement of the runway, QC.
1989 – present Overburden stripping ArcelorMittal, QC.
1991 Town of Wabush water supply system, NL.
1995 St. John’s Outer Ring Road, NL.
1997 Mill 13 Replacement IOCC, Labrador City, NL.
1997 – 1998 Sango Bay, Labrador - access road, airstrip, terminal building and water supply, NL.
1998 Luce Development IOCC, Labrador City, NL.
1998 – present Development of Dolomite Quarry for IOCC, Labrador City, NL.
2000 Demolition and foundation work for the new IOCC Mine Maintenance Facility, NL.
2000 Labrador West field operations worked 1000 days without a lost time injury.
2001 Zero Lost Time Accidents in 2001 company wide.
2001 – 2002 Cartwright Labrador - constructed the Marine Services Centre, NL.
2002 Labrador West Field Operations achieves 5 years without a Lost Time Accident
2002 Labrador West Maintenance Department achieves 6 years without a Lost Time Accident.
2002 – 2003 Constructed the Beeton Hydroelectric station at Grand Falls – Windsor, NL.
2002 – 2003 No Lost Time Accidents company wide.
2002 – 2004 Iroquois Falls Rehabilitation Project at Iroquois Falls, NL.
2002 – 2005 Constructed Voisey’s Bay Nickel Project for Vale Inco, NL.
2004 – present Crushing Wabush Mines, NL
2004 Reached 500,000 hours without a Lost Time Accident in December.
2004 – 2005 Constructed the “Mountain Brow Blvd” bridge and surface water management facilities in Hamilton, ON.
2004 – 2005 Inco Hydromet Plant Residue Ponds at Argentia, NL.
2004 – 2005 Vale Inco Hydromet Plant Residue Ponds at Argentia, NL.
2005present Operations of Fire Lake Mine, QC
2005 Break Water Rehabilitation at Port Cartier, QC.
2005 IOCC Tailings Pipeline Project at Labrador City, NL.
2005 Hesse 4 Tailings Confinement Dam Project at Mt. Wright, QC.
2005 Township of Tay – Triple Bay Road Watermain at Township of Tay, ON.
2005 St. John’s office received ISO 9001: 2000 certification in February.
2005 Railway Spur & Access Road – Fire Lake Mine at Fire Lake, QC.
2005 Reached 700,000 hours without a Lost Time Accident in August.
2005 Replacement of North Bridge at Orma Lake for CFLCO, NL.
2006 IOCC Pumphouses, Labrador City, NL.
2006 Concrete and excavation work to build RM&S building, Labrador City, NL
2007 Development of H.J. O'Connell Construction Ltd's new garage facilities, Wabush, NL.
2007 Grading and preparation work of the land for new Labrador West Health Care Centre and the College of the North Atlantic
2007 Trans Labrador Highway resurfacing and widening, Labador, NL.
2008 Construction of H.J. O’Connell Ltd.’s new office facilities.
2008 Construction of 3 ATO Traction Substations for IOCC, Labrador City, NL.
2008 IOCC Fine Tailing Foundations Pumphouses, Labrador City, NL.
2008 IOCC Dolomite Bridge Culvert upgrade, Labrador City, NL.
2008 Foundation work for IOCC’s Ball Mill 105, Labrador City, NL.
2008 – present Wuskwatim Generation Project, MB.
2009 Reached 500,000 hours company wide without a lost time injury on August 7, 2009.
2009 Development of the Labrador West Landfill site, Labrador City, NL.
2009 Wabush office received ISO 9001:2008 certification
2010 Concrete Placement for Neutralization Building at Long Harbour site, NL.
2010 Acquisition by Bird Construction
2010 Construction of Ro-Ro Facilities at Long Harbour site, NL.
2010 Reached 100,000 hours without a disabling injury on May 8, 2010

Each year, O'Connell Construction Ltd. engages in various mining services such as crushing, overburden stripping, drilling and blasting for mines located throughout Newfoundland, Labrador and Quebec. Additionally, each summer we provide our construction and maintenance services to the towns of Wabush, Labrador City and Fermont. O'Connell builds and maintains roads, curbs, sidewalks, water and sewer lines for these communities.