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Employee Referral Program

Eligible Participants:

All Bird Heavy Civil employees are eligible and encouraged to participate in our Employee Referral Program with the exception of the following people:

  • Managers with decision making authority to hire individuals in the eligible position(s).
  • Employees that work in the Human Resources department.

To participate in this program:

  • Review the advertised position and discuss the opportunity with potential candidates.
  • Encourage potential candidates to apply on-line at the General Application Form section or send their résumé to Human Resources. Please make sure that the potential candidates indicate on their résumé that they have been referred by you.

You will be notified by Human Resources if the referred candidate is selected.
Once the referred candidate(s) has successfully completed six (6) months of employment the referral bonus will be paid out to you!

Please Note the Following:

To respect the confidentiality of applicants, feedback will not be provided to referring employees as to why the candidate was not selected.

Only candidates who meet the qualifications for the positions will be considered. All referred candidates will be evaluated based on Bird Heavy Civil policies and procedures.

Employee referral bonuses are deemed to be taxable income. Withholding will occur at the time of payment. Bird Heavy Civil reserves the right to amend, modify or terminate this program at anytime.