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At Bird Heavy Civil, we believe in developing the skills of our employees. We believe in our workers and we believe in the importance of helping our employees achieve their maximum potential. This is accomplished through a number of efforts which include:

Training Opportunities:
Formal Management training is provided each year to Supervisors and Senior staff. In addition, annually, we offer an internal 2 day Supervisory Training session in which all staff members are invited to attend.

Ensuring that our managers and employees receive the necessary support and training to do their job effectively and efficiently is a priority for Bird Heavy Civil. To learn more about the other training programs that we offer, please visit the Safety section of our website.

Informal Mentoring:
Making a transition to a new job, position or career can be challenging. At Bird Heavy Civil we appreciate the need to help ease this transition by providing the necessary guidance and support. To accomplish this, new employees partner directly with their supervisor, working in a team-based atmosphere to ensure they thoroughly know and understand their key roles and responsibilities.

Educational Programs, Certifications and Professional Associations:
Bird Heavy Civil fully supports career and academic development. We recognize that the key to our success is our people and that investing in their personal and career development makes us a stronger and more competitive organization. As a result, full time employees may receive up to 100% reimbursement upon successful completion of an accredited course that is directly related to their position.